Salary Survey

OH Recruit is launching an industry wide salary survey to establish trends in the Occupational Health market and we would like you to be part of it. Your input is completely confidential and the results of the survey will be published on our website in the New Year.

We want to find out salary trends across the whole of the UK and how people feel about what they are being paid. This survey will be really useful for healthcare professionals working within Occupational Health to benchmark themselves against their compatriots at other Organisations throughout the UK.


The survey should only take 2 minutes to complete and we will inform everyone of the result when they are published.

Posted by: Recruit OH Professionals 2 comment(s)
Angie  Willis 26.11.2019 23:03
Salaries in London are now on a par with national salaries. Why work for an employer who thinks this is perfectly acceptable when cost of living is significantly higher. Recently tuped to a HCP.. New staff employed to work 40hrs for less money and less a/l.
Marie carroll 26.11.2019 22:36
Thank you

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